How Does The Laser Work?

A concentrated beam of light is aimed at the hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment (color) in the hair follicle, which damages the follicle enough to retard future growth - without damaging the surrounding skin. Lasers can remove hair for anywhere from several months to years, as the results differ widely from person to person. Hair grows in cycles. Since various hairs will enter their growth cycle at different times, about 6-8 treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks are necessary to disable most of the follicles in a given area. We typically recommend about 6-9 treatments to give you 70-95% reduction.

How do I Prepare for the appointment?

  • No direct sun exposure on the area for 2 weeks pre and post treatment.
  • No sunless tanning for 3 weeks prior to your appointment.
  • No antibiotics for at least two weeks prior.
  • No waxing, tweezing or using depilatory creams 4 weeks prior.

Is It Permanent Hair Removal?

Laser does not guarantee permanent hair removal, but when done correctly and enough (normally packages of 6-9 treatments are required) most cases will find a 75% - 95% reduction so whatever hair is left will be notably finer, softer, and barely visible.

Is Laser Safe?

Yes, laser has been approved by the FDA as a safe practice of hair removal. Laser has been proven that it does not penetrate far enough into the skin to cause any cancerous activity or cell mutation. There has been no cases of laser hair removal being linked to cancer, The Beam in which comes out of the laser, only targets the hair follicles not surrounding tissue.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

6-9 sessions are usually required in 6 week intervals for best results. Everyone is different and results will very from person to person. Hair can also be hormonal and some cases may need occasional maintenance. In the case this is necessary, we offer treatments at a discounted price to keep you looking good and hair free.

What are the side effects?

Although laser hair removal is incredibly safe, there are some potential side effects and risks. Short-term side effects of laser hair removal may include swelling and redness, which typically subsides in a few days. Rarely, laser hair removal can cause blistering, crusting, scarring or other changes in skin texture when the standard protocols are not followed.